Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Book I've Read


Their once was a baby that wanted everything perfectly perfect. When she was fourteen her mother died and a nurse was hired. When the nurse figured out that the girl was a good-for-nothing she decided to do her in. She finally- after a lot of figuring out-decided what to do- during that time the girl met a prince. The prince wasn't nearly as picky as herself. Getting back to where we were...She was going to lose her and who ever found her was going to have to do everyting instead of herself. So she got her to lose her way in the forest. Then the girl found her way to the prince's castle. Now at that moment there was a test going on at the castle for the prince was going to be wed and when she knocked at the door they thought she was a princess to. The prince was thrilled when she came. They put her to the test right away. The end.(You can read the rest.)

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